Christmas in July? Plan Ahead for a Successful Holiday Season



The holidays are soon approaching. Is your business ready? If not, here are 10 ways to help give your sales a boost this holiday season:

1-Tell a story. It is recommended to change the look of your retail area every 4-6 weeks. Why? Well, it helps to keep things looking fresh and new – especially to your existing customers since they visit you on a frequent basis. The product collections may be the same, but it is so important to constantly change the story that you are telling. A great way to instantly morph your space is by coming up with some amazing merchandising themes. You can focus on a color, category, season, etc. If you can, try to set-up some focus tables throughout your shop. These tables are perfect platforms to partner bottom sellers with items that move much more rapidly.

2-Create a Captivating Headline. Your storefront windows are like a captivating newspaper headline. Why? Think about it for a minute. If the headline to a newspaper article is powerful, it will grab the reader’s attention, and encourage them to read the full story. If your windows (headline) are eye-catching, you will draw people into your store, where your retail space should continue this interesting story.

3-Gift with Purchase. Estee Lauder to this day is very well-known for this consumer-building practice. A customer receives a beautiful gift when they spend a certain amount of money at the beauty counter. Any business can apply this method. You just have to make sure that it is a worthwhile gift that will draw a crowd to your business. Give people a reason to talk about your promotion to their family, friends, etc.

4-Complimentary Services. Offer services during the holiday season to show your customers how much you appreciate their business. You could provide complimentary gift wrapping, free postage on gift cards, or even have a personal shopper/concierge service onsite. You will find that these wonderful gestures are cost-effective, plus will really help your business to stand out from the crowd.

5-Holiday Shopping Party. Pick a date and invite your customers to a holiday shopping party. Dust and stock your shelves, create some enticing promotions, and, don’t forget the festive music and delicious refreshments. The goal is to create a memorable experience that will give your guests something to chat about to family and friends–as well as having them look forward to your next event. P.S.- Be sure to have a guest book that allows everyone to post their contact information so you may properly follow-up with a thank you note.

6-Promote Unique Products/Services. Each week promote a different product and/or service on the home page of your website. You can apply this same layout to your social media pages, e-blast, and blog. Whether someone visits your website, social media sites, blog, etc. – it is so important to have a consistent message.

7-Product Demos. Product demonstrations during the holiday season are powerful. Everybody is searching for the perfect gifts for their loved ones, and if this type of marketing is done correctly, you can really boost your sales. Set-up these demonstrations at your store or at local events. It is also a good idea to videotape these segments and post them to your website, social media sites, and blog.

8-Host a Networking Event. Connect with your Chamber of Commerce and invite them to host a networking event at your business. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with other local business owners while showcasing the unique qualities of your store. Again, it is so important to follow-up with everyone who attends to have a lasting impact.

9-Up-selling/Add-ons. Throughout your retail area partner products together that quickly grab the attention of your customers. For example, instead of just displaying a sweater, showcase one with a complementary scarf, handbag, etc. Not only will you sell the sweater, but you will be more apt to sell the complete ensemble. Also, if you sell gift cards, keep some impulse buys at your checkout area that would be a perfect accent.

10-Customer Service. The holiday season is a great time of year to strengthen your employees’ customer service skills. Before you open your shop each morning, share a tip or technique that they can apply that day. If you offer excellent customer service consistently, you will see the results via repeat customers and steady sales.

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