Snow Day? Here Are Five Ways to Help Your Business Spring Forward

With the impending snow storm this week, there is a good chance that many people will be enjoying an unexpected day off. This is a great opportunity for businesses to use this “extra time” to catch up and prepare for the busy months ahead. Here are five ways to help your business spring forward:

Daily Walk Through of Your BusinessStart Spring Cleaning

Take this opportunity to freshen up you business. Put away your holiday decorations. Get rid of clutter. Give your space a deep cleaning and make sure that your ceilings, vents, fans, floors, windows, fixtures, etc. are free of debris. Also, give your products and shelves a thorough dusting. It is so important to keep your inventory looking good at all times.

Change Your Layout

Give your retail space a new look. Be creative! If you have some new collections arriving, you may want to incorporate them into your displays. Tell exciting stories with your products and services. I would suggest creating a new theme every 4-6 weeks to help keep your inventory looking fresh. Oh yes, don’t forget your windows. This prime space, if decorated correctly, can really grab the attention of people walking by and encourage them to enter your store to see what else you offer. By the way, you will find that eye-catching displays will help promote your business after hours.

Research Trends

Stay on top of the latest trends by researching online, reading magazines, attending webinars, and talking to your vendors.This valuable information can be shared with staff and customers, plus it will definitely impact the inventory that you purchase for your business. Be sure to share these trends via your website, social media, blog, and speaking engagements. Sharing your knowledge via a variety of platforms helps to position you as an expert within your industry.

Update Your Website & Social Media

Staying on top of your website and social media is crucial. If possible, hire a photographer to capture seasonal photographs of your storefront, retail area, products, etc. People want to see images of your business; not stock photos. Your website and social media, if positioned correctly, can showcase your business and help you attract new customers. These platforms can also act as a way to keep in touch with your regulars. You can keep them posted by sharing sales, events, product launches and much more.

Schedule Events

Events, if done correctly, can create a nice income for your business. However, if your only goal is to sell products or services, then it won’t be a success. You have to inspire people. Education is a great way of doing so. I am not talking about a lecture per say, but more so a live demo. For example, “Colors You Should Be Wearing This Spring” is an excellent topic that you can connect to makeup and clothes. One-on-one sessions are powerful and they will help build customer loyalty, plus increase revenue. Social events are another way to market and promote your business. Chat with your local chamber of commerce or other business group to see if they would like to hold an event at your establishment.

If you are not meeting your goals, then it is time to establish and implement new strategies. If you want your business to thrive, you have to be creative and find ways to offer remarkable products and services. You want to give customers a reason to keep on coming back to your business, plus have them share their amazing experiences with others. Use this down time to create a plan of action that will truly help your business spring forward.

Good luck!


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