Make Every Day National Coffee Day

fotalia-coffee-picture  Whether you own a market, cafe, bakery, etc., you can easily make every day National Coffee Day. Mostly everyone enjoys sipping this tasty beverage–especially first thing in the morning. That being said, offer a complimentary small cup when customers make a purchase. This nice touch will brighten their day, plus will definitely get them talking about your business to others.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Move your inventory. Do you sell bags of coffee at your business? If so, each day feature a new coffee and provide a tasting (sample). When customers buy a bag or two, provide them with a free small cup of coffee to enjoy on-the-go. Not only will you give your sales a boost, but you will move your inventory, plus gain new customers through this interactive retailing.
  • Gift with purchase. Offer a free small cup of coffee when a customer buys a breakfast sandwich. The small cup of coffee is your way of thanking them for their business. You can limit this GWP to certain breakfast items due to price points. You can also specify a time frame for this promotion as well.
  • Word of the day. Use your social media sites to create some excitement at your business. A few times a week, preferably your slower days, announce a ‘word of the day’ on your sites. Any customer who mentions the word, give them a free cup of coffee–any size. If you can, take a picture of them enjoying their coffee and post it to your sites along with a few words. Talk about great exposure for your business!

If you do decide to offer a coffee promotion at your business, just be sure to offer a delicious cup every single time. A customer’s experience must be memorable, from beginning to end, in order for them to return.

Good luck!



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