Social Media is Virtual Networking?

Constant Contact -

While checking my Twitter account the other week, I had noticed that some people were mentioning me in their posts. After a little research, I had discovered that the source of their mentions were derived from the following article by Constant Contact: “50 Expert Tips for Getting Started on Social Media.” WOW! As you can imagine, I was blown away! All of these amazing posts made my week.

I have been teaching others how to use Social Media for quite some time now. During my discussions, I tend to focus on the importance of virtual networking. Taking an approach that goes beyond posting, and, places emphasis on reaching out to others in order to build relationships. Yes, you never know what kind of opportunities this could develop for you as a business, but try to look beyond that. Instead, think about how you can build a virtual community where everyone is focused on helping one another to succeed. It can be very powerful.

Give this approach a try. It definitely takes time, however, the results are outstanding.

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