Snow Day? Here Are Five Ways to Help Your Business Spring Forward

With the impending snow storm this week, there is a good chance that many people will be enjoying an unexpected day off. This is a great opportunity for businesses to use this “extra time” to catch up and prepare for the busy months ahead. Here are five ways to help your business spring forward:

Make Every Day National Coffee Day

Whether you own a market, cafe, bakery, etc., you can easily make every day National Coffee Day. Here are some promotions to consider.

Cost-Effective Perks that Keep Customers Coming Back

Offering thoughtful perks to your customers don’t necessarily have to be expensive, matter of fact, many can be cost-effective, and, very easy to implement. When you always going the extra mile for your customers, you will notice repeat business, plus they will be more apt to recommend your business to family, friends, etc. Here are some ideas to consider:

Main Street America – Lessons on How to Thrive & Survive

Just recently, I had visited some small towns and cities to see what is happening on Main Street America. While I walked up and down the streets, there were quite a few things that grabbed my attention along the way. Here are my findings…

Social Media is Virtual Networking?

While checking my Twitter account the other week, I had noticed that some people were mentioning me in their posts. After a little research, I had discovered …